The Strength House is a wide-ranging strength training and sports performance community that operates in-person facilities in Worcester and Harvard, Massachusetts, as well as a thriving online community of athletes and powerlifters.
We train adults to get stronger, building muscle and gain confidence. And we train powerlifters to break records in competition. The Strength House is home to people of all walks of life who want to reach their goals in a positive training environment with expert coaching.
A vision that has been growing since its founding as an online community in 2013, The Strength House was created to be a home for those looking to further their training potential alongside like minded individuals within a positive community.

Core Values

We at The Strength House hold our core values close to our hearts. These are the things that have shaped us as coaches, lifters and human beings. If you train with us, you’ll be taught and expected to uphold these same values:

  1. Positive Training Environment: How would you act if you knew it were impossible to fail? We celebrate every accomplishment and support each other with every failure. We learn from our mistakes and never blame others. This is not an “everyone gets a trophy” mentality, but rather an attitude that you should never be afraid to fail at The Strength House.
  2. No Islands: At the Strength House, we are a family and a team. While everyone has individual goals and needs, we as humans are much more alike than we are different. No one is so special that they can justify breaking away from these firm expectations: show up, work hard and support your fellow members.
  3. Carry the Flag: Lead from the front. Set a positive example. Do the little things that others are unwilling to do. You are a role model, whether you realize it or not. You never know who’s watching and who is looking up to you.
  4. Don’t Ring the Bell: Never, ever give up. There will be times when you want to quit, but anything is possible if you never give up.
  5. High Speed, Low Drag: Keep things simple. Master the basics because the basics work.

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