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Our Proven Process

Assess: We'll help you set clearly defined goals and develop a program for your individual needs.
Educate: We want everyone who walks through our doors to fall in love with strength training.
Work Hard: You'll build unbreakable physical and mental strength in a positive training environment.
Evaluate: We'll manage the training process so you're always taking steps toward your goals.

Meet The Strength House

Meet The Strength House

This is The Strength House!http://thestrengthhouse.com

Posted by The Strength House on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


"Greg Robins and Tony Bonvechio have created a special environment that has brought lifters from all over the world together and placed them under one roof. Over time we have gotten to know each other and have been able to see everyone's progress. The Strength House has literally created an online family of lifters. This special environment has forged lifting PR's, friendships, and an environment that breeds success no matter what. I have loved my 2 years in the Strength House and I couldn't be happier with Greg Robins as my coach. I see myself as a lifetime client."

David Rak, M.Ed, SCCC, CSCS
Boston, MA

Online Coaching

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Let us design an individualized program to help you reach your goals!

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