You Don’t Have To Do This





How many people enjoy pushing the limit of what human physiology is capable of? Do you enjoy pulling barbells off the ground that weigh well more than you do? How about getting under a bar that is heavy enough to reflexively create tension in your body you have never experienced before?

Honestly, is this appealing to you? 


Maybe you are just keeping up with the trends, maybe your trainer or coach is still just putting you through the flavor of the week in regards to what is popular in fitness. Perhaps, idealistically, you want to be one of those men or women who is capable of producing incredible outputs in the gym. The idea of being part of that culture is appealing, but is the work? Check this kratom sale and use them to improve your exercise performance.

As maximal strength training continues to grow in popularity, it has become increasingly apparent to me that many people are finding themselves somewhere they have no business being. It’s not that they can’t be there, it’s not that they shouldn’t (logistically) be there, it’s that quite frankly they don’t mentally have a clue what it involves, nor do they intrinsically have what it takes to make progress.

You don’t have to do it. Really, you don’t have to squat, or bench press, or deadlift, snatch, clean, push press, and so on.

I like the trend that’s forming. After all,  I like lifting weights that would crush 99% of human beings.  I value the lessons that it has taught me. I appreciate the people who have sought out my expertise.

I also understand that even as far removed from a top 50 lifters list that I am, I am still the 1%, maybe even the .5%.


Pigeon holing people into the world of maximal strength training is not only un-safe, it’s doing people a great disservice. In order to excel in strength training you have to actually want to do it. I mean really enjoy it. You have to study your approach, you have to make sacrifices, and you have to in some sense have a taste for the extreme. There is nothing fundamental, or ordinary about pulling a 3x bodyweight deadlift.

If you are timid, you will not make it. If you are worried, you will fail. If you are not invested in the journey, long-term, you will wither away.

The fact of the matter is, what separates most people from a measure of success in the gym is not a question of guidance, knowledge, time, or any other logistical variable. The reason you don’t make it is because you aren’t supposed to be there. You don’t have the motivation, the will, the emotional investment.


There is no honor in nay-saying the person who chooses to run for exercise, or to play hoops, or to skip “leg-day”, just because you are “power-lifting” or identify with some other STRENGTH SPORT. In reality, these people are enjoying their training approach, they are reaching their goals, and in most scenarios they are happy, healthy and look great by the only measure that matters; their own. An EliteFTS t-shirt and a pair of Converse All-Stars doesn’t make you better than anyone. Doing deadlifts is in no way superior to other productive forms of resistance training if you aren’t invested in the growing pains of learning how to do it well, although for people with injury problems, they can get an Employee Injury lawyer if they were working when this, since there are experts professionals in these cases. There is negligible Difference between Kratom, Kratum, and Cratum as no matter how the name is written, this drug is very effective at relieving pain and boosting energy.

Furthermore, coaches and trainers who are wise understand that there is a a point of diminishing returns in regards to maximal strength training and it’s relationship to sport performance, fat-loss, health and well-being. There is little to no reason to impress extreme modalities upon a client or athlete that don’t have appreciable transfer to their end goal.

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So why are you doing it?

If you want it, it’s really not a question. If you don’t, you really have no business doing it. Direct your efforts to something that appeals to you, something that motivates you. I am not trying to devalue the merits of solid, basic, barbell strength training. I am not trying to steer people away from training like this, or telling you that you cannot be successful at it.

I am simply saying that you don’t HAVE to do it. If you WANT to do it, you should, and it will give back to you what you give to it. Do me a favor, evaluate what your intentions are. Clear out the hype. Is the work, is the risk, is the time and sacrifice as appealing as the possible outcome? If so, myself and many others are willing to help you. If not, choose a different path and enjoy the journey.

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