Who Are You?

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I wrote this to myself in a small journal a while back. To say it was a tough time isn’t accurate, I had known tougher; and sure as hell know others who have been through worse. However, it was a time that tested me. It tested my character, and what I stood for. Since that time, I have read this to myself on various occasions.

To those who challenge themselves, analyze themselves, and value themselves, this should resonate with you.

So I ask, WHO ARE YOU…?

When you realize nobody else can truly know WHO YOU ARE?

Sometimes we let people in, like really let them into our soul. That said, nobody truly appreciates your perspective like you do. They haven’t been through what you have been through, how you went through it…and that’s fine.

When nobody knows what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, what you want to do?

Remove the accolades, the acceptance, the support. Are you still the same person? What if people knew all the things you chose NOT to do, how did those choices shape you? We all have dreams, urges, impulsive feeling that only we know about. Just because they aren’t part of what we choose to share, doesn’t mean they’re not important.

When nobody agrees with you, or more importantly when nobody disagrees with you?

How do you handle adversity? An age old question, but really, inside your head…at your core: how do you handle seemingly being the only person in a moment that believes in something? What if you never had to face that moment, to literally never have to think about what you stood for?   Seriously, WHO ARE YOU…?

Do you question yourself?

Are you capable of objectively weighing out your own decisions? Can you personally confront yourself, and know yourself well enough to make a choice in a fraction of a moment?

When you know you’re right, and when you know you are wrong?

Can you appreciate the difference in realizing both these things, and understanding in which scenario it’s not enough for you alone to know that?

When you’re angry, ashamed, confused?

When the logical mind is being blunted, can you re-focus, can you channel raw emotion into something productive?

When you’re content, proud, happy?

Is that enough, or do you seek more? There is no right or wrong answer, but understanding yourself in this moment is crucial. Ask yourself, truthfully, WHO ARE YOU? …alone? …surrounded? …to your family? …to your friends? …to your enemies?

Look at yourself, WHO ARE YOU?

Are you a set of eyes, or do you have a vision? Are you a head of hair, or do you have the most complex set of thoughts…all of which help you to constantly reformat your dream? Are you just flesh and bone, charged up…circulating, or do you have passion ripping through every inch of your body?

You are the culmination of all your experiences. You are the product of your decisions, your choices.

You are ready to meet any situation with a clenched fist and an open hand.

You have been tested, you’ve been hurt, you’ve been lied to, you’ve been disrespected.

You stand for something, you have values, you have value. You have something to offer.


That question will stare you in the face everyday. It will manifest itself in unlimited forms. It will challenge you, and the answer will only change on your own accord.

You are dynamic, honorable, and unlimited in your capacities.

Continually define yourself.


Self improvement, self exploration, and acknowledging your own self worth are all part of becoming a stronger person. For a limited print, I created this shirt with the guys at Forever Fierce…for anyone that stands for something – in the light and the darkness…



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