Here’s what people are saying about The Strength House:

“I have been training at The Strength House since the day they opened their doors in 2017. Tony and Greg are amazing coaches that are able to meet every client’s needs, no matter what their backgrounds are. As a 40-plus year old, I LOVE being as strong as I can possibly be. With their support, knowledge and encouragement, I am able to move weights that I never imagined I would be able to. While hitting huge numbers in the gym is awesome, more importantly the strength I have built allows me to simply do anything I want to do in my life and with my kids!”

North Grafton, MA

“Before coming to TSH, I was stuck in a rut where most training days and periods were the same. My training was not directly translating to my job on the field. I often felt robotic and unable to tap into my training. 

TSH challenged me to improve my movement by constantly changing the stimulus. Performing med ball throws with variable weights, varying rest times between sets, and training with unstable water bags all forced my body to move more naturally and athletically. 

In the first week of my offseason throwing program, I felt my lower body moving more effortlessly and efficiently. I noticed my ball had better carry, and easy throws were traveling farther than I was used to. A few months later I reported to our preseason minicamp and threw two MPH harder than I ever had.”

Brendan King
Pitcher, Chicago Cubs organization

“I hold The Strength House team in the highest regard when it comes to building maximal strength and completing your first powerlifting meet with absolute confidence and conviction. I felt extremely prepared for my first powerlifting meet—and every single meet in between—due to their unequivocally high level of coaching, programming and powerlifting expertise. You would be hard-pressed to find a better team to help prepare you for your first meet.”

Matthew Ibrahim Co-Owner / Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach Coach – TD Athletes Edge

“The Strength House trainers seem to care for their athletes in ways other trainers don’t. From holding athletes accountable for their training absences to the graduation platform of athletes moving from group training to individualized training, Strength House puts care into how their athletes progress under their care. EVO athletes who have consistently stayed active with The Strength House move better, seem stronger and genuinely act more confident when performing on the field and in practices.”

Phil Price
President of Baseball Operations
Evolution Baseball

“When I started at the Strength House, I could do two push ups. Now, after seven months of training, I can do sets of 12. And deadlifting! I never dreamed I would be able to pull my body weight. Getting stronger is massively addicting. And working out makes me happy. The Strength House is my new happy place!”

Maynard, MA

“I never imagined when I joined in January that I would be in my first competition by October. The progress that I made is placed solely on the shoulders of the Strength House team. The program was written so each week I would improve on my weaknesses and fine tune technique ensuring that when I got to the meet all I would need to do is lift. The team is supportive and amazing and have gotten me addicted to powerlifting.”

Worcester, MA

“I’ve been working with The Strength House since April and I’m so grateful for what they’ve done for me. Not only have my lifts gone up, but my love for powerlifting has come back. While most of you may think it’s strange that I hired someone to coach me since I am also a strength coach, it came down to my own limitations. I only programmed the fun stuff for myself, not the stuff I needed to get stronger. I appreciate their knowledge and outside perspective because it’s also helped me be a better coach. Looking forward to getting on the platform in a little over 8 weeks!”

Mountlake Terrace, WA