Strength House PodCast – Episode 3





In episode 3 of the Strength House podcast, Greg and Tony talk about the importance of training environment, as well as how to set training maxes and use RPEs effectively. We also put beers from Massachusetts’ two top breweries head to head in a double IPA showdown. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

First Pour: Trillium Cutting Tiles [3:20]

The Beer Expert: How did IPAs get their name? [5:45]

The Beer Expert: What’s the difference between an IPA and double IPA? [8:56]

Best live show you’re ever seen? [16:07]

The importance of training environment [26:33]

How do you determine a training max vs. an absolute max? [40:00]

Second Pour: Tree House Bright [42:37]

How do you use RPEs in training? [49:12]

This week’s Beer Rankings [1:02:40]

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