Push Pull with a Purpose: Online Bench and Deadlift Competition for Charity

The Strength House is proud to announce our Push Pull with a Purpose online bench press and deadlift competition to help raise money for African Communication Education  (ACE), an organization that empowers African refugee and immigrant youth in the Worcester community through educational, leadership and cultural programs. Our aim is to help raise awareness for social justice and equity for people of color while helping an organization that directly supports young people in our area.

How to Enter
We will be accepting entries until August 31. To enter:

1. Donate any amount to our ACE donation page
2. Select your Level (described below) and film your bench press and/or deadlift attempts (you can do one, the other or both)
3. Post your video(s) on Instagram using the hashtag #pushpullwithapurpose and tag @thestrengthhouse and @aceworcester

Additionally, the Strength House will donate additional money to ACE based on the level you choose and the number of reps of your submission, up to $1,000 total.

Women – Bench Press
95 lbs for reps: $1/rep
115 lbs for reps: $2/rep
135 lbs for reps: $3/rep

Women – Deadlift
185 lbs for reps: $1/rep
225 lbs for reps: $2/rep
275 lbs for reps: $3/rep

Men – Bench Press
225 lbs for reps: $1/rep
275 lbs for reps: $2/rep
315 lbs for reps: $3/rep

Men – Deadlift
315 lbs for reps: $1/rep
405 lbs for reps: $2/rep
495 lbs for reps: $3/rep

For example, if a woman bench pressed 95 lbs for 10 reps ($10) and deadlifted 225 for 10 reps ($20), The Strength House would donate $30 on their behalf. Choose any level you like!

Bench Press: the bar must touch your chest on all reps and must be locked out fully. Touch-and-go reps are allowed. Wrist wraps and belt are allowed.

Deadlift: any stance is allowed. Straight bar and trap bar are allowed. The plates must start on the floor and be lifted fully to lockout. Touch-and-go reps are allowed. Straps and belt are allowed.

We’ll award prizes for the most overall money raised for both men and women.

1st Prize: $100 + your choice of a Strength House t-shirt or pint glass

2nd Prize: $50 + your choice of a Strength House t-shirt or pint glass

More About ACE
The mission of African Community Education is to assist African refugee and immigrant youth and families in achieving educational and social stability through access to academic support, leadership development, cultural expression, and community outreach in Worcester, MA.

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