Member Spotlight: Sara

We’re excited to bring you the next installment of our Member Spotlight series, which will focus on various members of The Strength House who exemplify the core values of who we are and what we do! Our next installment features Sara, a woman whose hard work as a mom, as a lifter and in her career inspires us every day.

Name: Sara Zwicker

Hometown: Ludlow, MA

Spirit Animal: I took 5 different tests, all said deer, which also aligns to my ISFJ personality, so I’ll say a deer. I’m generally introverted and reserved, love schedules, and am very dependable.

What do you like to do when you’re not training? I love spending time with my son and husband-preferably outdoors, and travelling around the world as much as possible.

What brought you to The Strength House? I had started powerlifting in 2016 with an online coach and hit a point where I felt I needed in person coaching to progress. I listened to the Strength House podcast and loved Greg and Tony and what they stood for, so I reached out when they opened their gym in Worcester.

What is your proudest accomplishment since joining The Strength House? There have been so many, but competing in my first powerlifting meet and deadlifting over 300lbs are two of the biggest ones!

Besides the training, what’s your favorite part of being a Strength House member? Hands down, it’s the people. It’s an incredible community where everyone truly supports each other. The people want you to succeed, will push you to dig deeper and will catch you if you fall.  It’s really special!

What motivates you to keep training hard? I really love the training process, setting goals, checking off each workout on my training plan, seeing my form improve and adding heavier weights to the bar. It’s satisfying when all your hard work comes together in the form of improvement, both mentally and physically.  I also am motivated to continue to show my son that women can be strong, the importance of physical fitness, and working towards your goals.


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