Member Spotlight: Chris

We’re excited to introduce our new Member Spotlight series, which will focus on various members of The Strength House who exemplify the core values of who we are and what we do! Our first installment features Chris, one of the first people to walk through our doors when we opened.

Name: Chris

Hometown: Natick, home of Champions, you can look that up.

Spirit Animal: Alligator. They’re pretty simple animals but they’re an old soul.

What do you like to do when you’re not training?  Enjoy Boston sports, especially the Sox and usually softball in the summer but since the team is on hiatus I am currently taking suggestions on how to fill my time

What brought you to The Strength House?  I was out of work at the time with a devastating thumb injury, which allowed me to check my email pretty regularly, so when I saw the email that the Strength House was opening up in Worcester, it looked like everything I was looking for in a gym so I shot them an email and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is your proudest accomplishment since joining The Strength House?  I’ve been able to hit some new PR’s in all three of the big lifts since joining the Strength House, but I was particularly happy about the deadlift because I was driving the struggle bus when it came to my form for a long time with that lift.

Besides the training, what’s your favorite part of being a Strength House member?  Beer.

What motivates you to keep training hard?  I am pretty competitive so each time I go to the gym I don’t want to lose the battle.

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