The Strength House Internship is a unique opportunity to further your education, and gain massive amounts of experience in a relatively short amount of time. Strength Coach interns will begin each semester by learning the importance of building relationships, facility organization, and basic coaching responsibility. Over the course of your time here, as you show proficiency in certain tasks, you will have unique opportunities to coach with extreme autonomy, navigate assessment and programming challenges, as well as provide your own unique insight on how the facility can improve in the future.

In addition to your time on the floor with our clients, you will be expected to complete valuable learning experiences outside the gym including aiding our coaches with the facilitation of our online offerings, reading assignments, researching, and attending a weekly educational session. Furthermore, you will be expected to participate in “staff lift” in which a customized program can be provided to you by one of our coaches to help you in your own quest for personal betterment.

The goal of our internship is two fold. We want to mold you into a great coach. When you leave this program you will represent our facility and we don’t take that lightly. You will have the tools to assess, program for, and coach clients at a rate of proficiency high above the majority of personal trainers and coaches in the industry. Secondly, our internship program is designed to develop future employees. We are the fastest growing strength and fitness facility in the Northeast. An intern who displays a high level of cohesiveness and technical skills will have the opportunity to be hired as a strength coach at The Strength House.

Let us be clear. This is not an observational internship. You will coach athletes and clients on your first day here to your last. You will be responsible for helping with facility maintenance and cleaning. You will learn through active participation and close relationships with our staff. Because of the high amount of detail we will put into the training of each intern, we will only select THREE interns for each semester. Please pay close attention to the application process as any errors in regards to following the application process will cause your application to be rejected regardless of the quality of applicant and their experience.

Minimum Requirements:

    • You must commit to the entire semester time frame that you are applying for.
    • You must commit to LONG AND ACTIVE Hours with a minimum of 25 coaching hours per week not including staff lifts and educational sessions. 
    • Interns should have interest in working with Youth Athletes, Powerlifters, and Adult Fitness Clients. Clients will range through all ages, and abilities.
    • A related degree is preferred BUT NOT REQUIRED.

In Order To Apply:

Please email the following to TheStrengthHouseGym@gmail.com with the subject line “Your Name – TSH Internship Application”. For example: “Jane Doe – TSH Internship Application”

    • A brief Cover Letter (no more than 500 words) on why you want to be part of The Strength House community.
    • Resume (to include all work experience, and a minimum of 3 professional references)
  • You must film two videos and attach these to your application email as separate documents:
      • VIDEO 1: At least 2 minutes long, and no more than 4 minutes of you coaching another person through either a Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, or other large compound movement. Coach this person as if it was their first time in the gym. Assume they are a general fitness client with no prior knowledge or understanding of anatomical terms. Find and correct at least 2-3 faults in their technique. If they show no faults illustrate what they do well, and 2-3 faults to be aware of down the road.
      • VIDEO 2: At least 2 minutes long, and no more than 4 minutes on why TSH should choose you for this internship program. Be yourself and please avoid scripts or clearly pre-rehearsed presentations.


  • 2020 FALL (9/7/20 – 12/18/20): deadline 07/24/20

Selection Process:

One week after the application deadline candidates will be notified if they have been selected for our interview process. Video interviews will take place the following week (two weeks after application deadline). At the end of that week all remaining candidates will be notified of their possible acceptance.