Everyone who trains at The Strength House starts with a thorough evaluation with one of our experienced and knowledgable coaches. Whether you’re a high school athlete, world-record holding powerlifter, or simply want to start exercising for the first time, we need to know where you are to take you where you want to go. We work with you one-on-one for 90 minutes to learn as much as possible about you. That way we can write you a program suited to your needs and coach you as effectively as possible. 

Your evaluation includes: 

  • Initial conversation to discuss your goals, previous training experiences and injury history
  • Movement screen to determine your current movement abilities and evaluate any current or previous injuries
  • Thorough warm-up and abbreviated training session to further determine your current levels of strength and athleticism 

After the evaluation, we will discuss what training options are best suited for you and your goals.

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There is a one-time fee of $59 for the evaluation. Schedule your assessment using the form below to get started (or click here to learn more)!