Combine for a Cause

PLEASE HELP US SUPPORT TSH ATHLETE ZACHARY HARE: Our friend and TSH athlete Zack Hare has been re-diagnosed with Leukemia. We have a strong community here at TSH and it’s time to put our strength to work. We will be holding an athletic combine competition on February 2nd at 7a. All the proceeds will benefit […]

Strength House PodCast w/ Todd Bumgardner

      IF YOU LIKE WHAT WE’RE DOING PLEASE RATE US ON ITUNES AND SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES / YOUTUBE. THANK YOU!! In this episode of The Strength House podcast, we have fellow bearded gentleman Todd Bumgardner of Strength Faction and Beyond Strength NOVA. While sipping on our first-ever listener-submitted beer, we discuss how to […]

Strength House PodCast – Episode 3

        In episode 3 of the Strength House podcast, Greg and Tony talk about the importance of training environment, as well as how to set training maxes and use RPEs effectively. We also put beers from Massachusetts’ two top breweries head to head in a double IPA showdown. Enjoy! Stream (Podbean) Subscribe […]

The Strength House Pod Cast – Episode 2

        In episode 2 of the Strength House podcast, Greg and Tony discuss common technique and programming mistakes for the squat, bench press and deadlift. We also taste two top notch New England IPAs from Tree House and Bissell Brothers. Stream Subscribe on iTunes < — Click Me Download < — Click Me (Pod […]

Optimizing The Big 3 – August 14th – Hudson, MA

        I am excited to announce that I will be delivering a one-day seminar, “Optimizing the Big 3″ along with fellow Cressey Sport Performance Coach Tony Bonvechio. This event is a great chance for strength and conditioning professionals, as well as for athletes who have an interest in improving the squat, bench […]

Wanting It, Isn’t Enough.

          In a previous post entitled “You Don’t Have To Do This” I talked about the necessary step of evaluating WHY you are pursuing aggressive strength training. With a particular bias towards those who are training to improve their maximal strength on the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift, the point was that […]