Sports Performance

COVID-19 UPDATE: As of Monday, July 6, The Strength House is reopened for indoor workouts. We are now training our members in groups of 10 or fewer in 90-minute training blocks to help enforce social distancing and other safety protocols. If you’re interested in trying a free session, click below for more details.

Sports Performance

Are you an athlete looking to enhance your performance on the field, court or ice? Do you want tried-and-true workouts to get you stronger, faster and more explosive? The Strength House is the place for you. We’ve trained athletes of every experience level, from high school, college and professional ranks. No matter your sport or ability, we’ve got the tools to help you get better.

Show Up. Compete. Conquer Everything. 

What does a Strength House training session look like? We focus on developing the complete athlete with:

  • 90-minute group training sessions
  • Multiple training options based on sport, experience level and injury history
  • Small-sided games to improve agility, decision-making and teamwork
  • Sprints, jumps and throws to develop speed and power
  • Full-body strength training to enhance strength, size and injury-resilience

What Athletes Say about The Strength House

“Before coming to TSH, I was stuck in a rut where most training days and periods were the same. My training was not directly translating to my job on the field. I often felt robotic and unable to tap into my training. 


TSH challenged me to improve my movement by constantly changing the stimulus. Performing med ball throws with variable weights, varying rest times between sets, and training with unstable water bags all forced my body to move more naturally and athletically. 

In the first week of my offseason throwing program, I felt my lower body moving more effortlessly and efficiently. I noticed my ball had better carry, and easy throws were traveling farther than I was used to. A few months later I reported to our preseason minicamp and threw two MPH harder than I ever had.”

Brendan King
Pitcher, Chicago Cubs organization

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
3:00-4:30 pm
4:30-6:00 pm
6:15-7:45 pm

Trial Month: $99 (1st session is free)
6-Month Contract: $229/month
12-Month Contract: $199/month
Month-to-Month (No Contract): $259

I’m ready to get started!

Athletes can try a group training session for free, and then are eligible for a 21-day trial for $99. Click below to learn more!