5 Back Squat Hacks

When I think of hacking anything I instantly think of this:



Anytime I hear the word, I’m right back in 1995, watching Angela Bennett dole out justice.

That’s not going to change, but your squat can. Here are 5 easy hacks to help you squat more.

1. Get tight!

It’s remarkable how many times I have helped someone by just reminding them to build more tension. Don’t focus attention on making sure you are in the right positions. Instead, focus on where you need tension to display and maintain those positions. Quick hack:

  • Your upper back will stay in position if you: Create an uncomfortable amount of tension by tilting the shoulder blades back and bringing them together, while also pulling the bar into your back and pointing the elbows down at your butt.
  • Your lower back will stay in position if you: Get your ribs down and brace your stomach.
  • Your knees will stay in position if you: Screw your feet outward into the ground, creating torque, and feel constant tension in the outside of your hips.

2. Use the rack to get stable!



3. Commit!

Don’t be timid on the way down in your squat. Once you build up enough tension to hold a good position, pull yourself down quickly. This will give you more springiness and power out of the hole. Practice moving quickly on your lighter sets where you are more confident. As you build up in weight try to mimic the same approach.

4. Take your breath correctly!



5. Don’t kick your hips out!

Instead of flaring your hips out to begin the squat, push back into a good hip “hinge.” This will help you stay braced, and add more stability throughout the movement. I talk about it here:




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