3 Things That Have Nothing To Do, And Everything To Do With Being Successful

There are a few things that I make a point of doing all the time in order to maintain a high level of performance in and out of the gym.

What those things are, frankly, will surprise you.


They have absolutely nothing to do with fitness or nutrition.


They have everything to do with why I am successful. 





Not to mention they are items, for better or worse, that I can’t help but notice others do, or not do.


1. Brush my teeth every day before bed.


The act of brushing my teeth every day has a lot more value to it than just my dental health. It’s a positive habit, and about as simple of a habit as one can form. The act of completing a simple task, daily, leads to ability to perform other simple habits.

How can I ask myself to drink eight glasses of water, get protein at every meal, or do something positive for my body (train or recovery measure) every day, if I can’t even brush my damn teeth.

If I meet someone and they grin at me with a mouth full of caramel chiclets, I’m not going to rely on them to carry out simple tasks.


2. Make my bed every morning.


No, I didn’t make my bed every morning until I joined the military. However, it didn’t take me very long to figure out why we had to. It’s not a mind game, it’s a lesson in discipline. Just as wearing your uniform correctly, and keeping a locker organized was as well.




Show me a person who can give me 25 reasons why making your bed in the morning has nothing to do with anything, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t have the discipline to make big changes.

It takes five minutes to make your bed, and doing so on a daily basis is a small but valuable lesson in time management, and accountability.


3. Replacing the trash bag and washing my dishes at the time I use them.


I have a few favorite phrases, and I use this one all the time: “Why put off until tomorrow what could be done today?”

If you take out the trash, replace the bag right away. If you have dirty dishes, clean them now. The only reason you wouldn’t do those things is out of laziness. You have the time and the ability to get it done, you choose otherwise. 

“I’ll do it later” –> Bull Shit.

You can’t replace a trash bag, you can’t wash your dishes, but you want to have a successful career and a high performing body that looks good? I’m not betting on you.


Those three little items, simple as they may seem, are continuous examples of your ability to form positive habits, display discipline, and show diligence.


Have any others you would add to this list? Leave a comment below!

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