12 Weeks to Your First Powerlifting Meet

Are you thinking about competing in your first powerlifting meet? The Strength House, owned and operated by 3 elite-level powerlifters, is running a 12-week program for new powerlifters and we want to help you get ready for your first powerlifting meet. We’ve helped over 60 people compete for the first time, and we’re ready to help you navigate the training process so you can be successful on the platform. We’ve got a relentlessly positive community of knowledgeable coaches and motivated lifters who will support you every step of the way.

WHAT: Push-Pull powerlifting meet (bench press and deadlift)
WHO: Novice powerlifters (no more than 3 previous competitions)
WHEN: Sunday, January 20, 2019
WHERE: GH2 Fitness, Holden, MA

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Here’s what you’ll get if you train at The Strength House:

  • 12 weeks of powerlifting-specific training (up to 4 workouts per week)
  • A supportive community of fellow powerlifters
  • Hands-on coaching at the meet
  • We’ll pay your entry fee for the meet (an $85 value)
  • Exclusive information that covers everything you need to know about competing (rules of the sport, how to pick your attempts, building a competition mindset, and much more)


If you’re ready to give powerlifting a try, fill out the form below. We’ll help you book your initial consultation so we can tailor the training process to you.

Meet Your Coaches

We at The Strength House are proud to walk the walk as elite-level powerlifters. Here’s who you’ll be training with:

Greg Robins

Powerlifting Stats: 660 squat, 380 bench press, 700 deadlift

Why the Strength House? The people. You won’t find a more positive, hardworking group of coaches and clients. I guarantee the training is top notch, and the people you will meet and work with are even better.



Tony Bonvechio

Powerlifting Stats: 570 squat, 405 bench press, 575 deadlift

Why the Strength House? Because everyone at The Strength House falls in love with the training process. And if you work hard and trust the process, the results will come.




Nancy Newell

Powerlifting Stats: 250 squat, 150 bench press, 325 deadlift

Why the Strength House? Because everyone grows, learns and becomes stronger together! There’s no place out there that can match the training environment and the level of coaching you get here.