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  • “I’m fortunate to work side-by-side with Greg Robins on a daily basis, and it’s been awesome to watch him establish himself as one of the best up-and-coming coaches in the industry.  He has great insights for athletes and general fitness clients alike, and his own athletic background gives him a valuable frame of reference from which to help others. Keep an eye on him; you won’t be disappointed.”

    Eric Cressey
    President, Cressey Performance – Hudson, MA

    - Eric Cressey

  • “In the 3 years that I have known Coach Greg Robins who has proved himself to be a knowledgable and innovative coach in a variety of fields. Greg has a wide understanding of athletic programming and the technical knowledge to help any athlete move and perform better. More than anything, Greg is a young coach who is thirsty for knowledge and as good as he is now, he is only getting better.”
    Chad Wesley Smith
    Juggernaut Training Systems

    - Chad Wesley Smith

  • “I am writing today to give Greg Robins the highest praise as a coach and a person that is possible. I have known Greg for many years and watched him grow from a young lifter and coach to an outstanding lifter and world class coach.


    Greg displayed a work ethic that is uncommon in his generation as well as an ability to coach that was beyond his years. Greg was one of my most valuable assets while he was at TPS and when he departed to pursue other ventures it was with great sadness on my part, as well as on  my team and all of his clients. We were happy for him through and wish him the most success.  He is passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to learning and  applying what he has learned to better himself and his clients. I truly believe that Greg will be at the top tier of professional coaches in the industry within a few years.


    Greg has an outstanding grasp of many training methods, and utilizes that to deliver results to his clients every day. He excels at training athletes as well as “regular” people.  Anyone looking to improve their strength, athletic performance or fitness will be well served to enlist his services.”


    C.J. Murphy

    Owner, Head Instructor – Total Performance Sports, Everett MA



    - C.J. Murphy

  • “Greg Robins is a POWERHOUSE you must work with if you want to achieve your goals!!
    I had the pleasure of working with Greg Robins for 20 weeks at Cressey Performance! He provided me with brilliant nutrition, strength & conditioning programming! Not only did I feel strong & healthy in the process, he helped me achieve my goal of winning the Fitness Universe Miami competition for my division, and highest score total in any division!”
    Paula Demarkey – Wayland, MA
    National Figure PRO

    - Paula Demarkey

  • “I have had the pleasure of having Greg as a co-worker at Cressey Performance for just over a year now.  I am fortunate to be able to observe him coaching and learn from him on an almost daily basis.  The results he has achieved with clients have been nothing short of remarkable.  For anyone looking to improve their health and fitness, I highly recommend Greg Robins.”

    Christopher Howard MS, CSCS


    - Christopher Howard

  • “As a strength coach I can confidently say that Greg is the real deal because of his spectrum of knowledge and experience working with young kids all the way up through pro sports. He knows what good movment quality looks like to keep his athletes and clients healthy and he knows how to get you very, very strong. If you watch him in the trenches, his energy as a coach is contageous and encouraging which is a big reason why he stands above the rest.”

    Connor Ryan DPT

    - Connor Ryan

  • “Many people don’t know this, but years back I had as many fitness blogs as I could find (350+) put into my reader and read every single update. The goal was to figure out who I believed were the best fitness writers that hadn’t been discovered yet.

    Greg Robins was at the top of that list. Everything about his blog sucked except for the writing. Since then, I’ve cajoled Greg to become a friend and confidant. He was an early supporter and contributor to the Personal Trainer Development Center as well.

    It was only a matter of time until the rest of the fitness world noticed how special the guy is personally and professionally and I’m glad they have.”

    Jonathan Goodman

    - Jon Goodman

  • “Greg’s programming and advice has helped me win my first powerlifting competition which included PR’s with a 402.5lbs Squat and a 485lbs deadlift. Greg also helped me reach a 500lbs pull soon after. Greg’s writing and Internet contributions have also helped me become a better coach and challenge the way I think.  His passion, knowledge, and hands on experience make him one of the best at what he does.”

    David Rak – M.Ed, SCCC, CSCS

    Strength & Conditioning Specialist – Washington University


    - David Rak

  • “I’ve known Greg since I saw him training at the BSC over 3 years ago. Even when he was just starting out I knew this kid was the real deal


    Our paths crossed again when Greg began working at Total Performance Sports in Everett, MA. I had new goals and I wanted to get STRONGER than ever.


    As a trainer in Boston for almost a decade, it’s hard to  find someone qualified to write your programs, let alone take you through them! Greg is what I call “The trainers’ trainer”. You’ve gotta know your shit to do that! He understands his clients individual issues and creates programs that enable us to thrive, despite any restrictions we may have.


    I’m a pretty difficult client if I may say so myself. I trust Greg 110% and would recommend him to anyone. His vision and periodization is top notch and MOST IMPORTANTLY he talks the talk and walks the walk. Greg is constantly learning and genuinely loves his job and it shows.


    Since working with him in person at TPS as well as Cressey Performance I have continued distance training online. Needless to say I am on his client list for life!”


    Stacey Schaedler

    Stacey Shaedler Strength, South Boston MA


    - Stacey Schaedler


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