All Fours 1-Arm Serratus Slide w/ Roller

What you need to know about the serratus anterior:


Thats’s where it’s located. It spans itself over the 1st to 8th ribs, and also attaches to the shoulder blade.

It’s main function is to protract the shoulder blade, or move the shoulder blade towards the front of your body. It also helps in upward rotation by bringing the shoulder blade slightly forward as other muscle group assist in elevating and tilting the shoulder blade appropriately.

Why is this of any concern to me?

Think logically for a second. You are a guy or girl who spends in inordinate amount of time lifting heavy things. Your main focus is around the squat, bench press, and deadlift. When you are not in the gym, you may even mimic, or practice the corrective strategies to excel at these lifts.

What do these exercises ask of your upper back? The squat and bench press, hard shoulder blade pull back, and pull down. The deadlift hard shoulder blade pull down.

Injuries to lifters are often the product of repetitive motion:


Tie this up for me –>

Serratus anterior is responsible for the opposite movement, and moments of the shoulder blades that you do when you’re lifting correctly. You lift often, and with great intensity.

Get ahead of the equation above by simply adding in the drill below for a set of 8/side on a daily basis. I have found this to be the most efficient, and most effective way to activate serratus, and practice a lesser utilized function of my shoulder blades.

Remember it’s not about the drill, it’s about staying in the game long enough to keep making progress. Building strength is a long term process.

All Fours 1-Arm Serratus Slide w/ Roller

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